Adding speed

Glutes; stability and speed

Tiger Woods once blamed a poor round on a failure “to activate the glutes”.He was talking a lot of sense. But it's not just elite athletes that should place some focus on their glutes. There’s even more reason for those of advancing age should be concerned about the strength of their glutes.

  The GLUTES are made up of 3 muscles: the Maximus, Medius, and Minimus.
Each matter to your health and your golf swing.

Our “sitting” lifestyle is especially unhealthy for our glutes.
Your glute muscles are essential to holding your
pelvis and hips in place.

Weakness in the glutes can manifest itself in pain
and stiffness over a broad range of the body.

Your glutes help you to retain posture throughout
the swing and provide stability to the lower body
(hips/pelvis) while the upper body rotates.

Strong glutes help with the acceleration of
the clubhead towards impact. With a little work,
you can regain, or increase clubhead speed.

Plan to add speed in 2019

Spend some time with a personal trainer and talk to them about exercises, relevant to your age, strength,
and flexibility, which will strengthen your glutes. Your health will be better. You’ll add speed to your golf swing. Your golf will be better.
Then come and see us about your equipment and technique.

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