Adding speed

There’s a very good reason

Most golfers would have a much more enjoyable playing experience if they could either recover distance age has robbed them of,
or even add 10 - 25 yards to their shots.If you could add 20 yards to your tee shots, then a #4 iron or
hybrid second becomes a #6 iron approach. That’s a better opportunity.

Then, if you’ve added 10 – 15 yards to iron shots, that #6 iron approach shot becomes a #7 or even #8 iron second.
How much easier is the game then?

+1 means 2 which converts to 4

Just add one extra mph swing speed, and you create two extra mph of ball speed, and that will almost certainly add four yards to distance. Technology and technique can both easily add speed to the clubhead and the ball. But the changes required to add power to your swing may well have benefits to your whole lifestyle.

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