No more three-putts.
Beyond hope, there’s knowledge.

How many times have you stood over a really long putt and just HOPED to get it close enough to survive? With the right lie angle for your putting stroke and setup, you’ll KNOW you’re getting it close.

A setup too far from the ball, or a lie angle that raises the toe, causes inconsistent contact towards the toe. This makes accuracy and distance control very difficult.

A setup too close to the ball, or a lie angle that raises the heel, causes a poor stroke and contact towards the heel. Chances are your putting stroke will loop as you try to find the middle.

Club path and face angle also affect putting accuracy. A slightly closed face angle and an in-to-out path can launch the ball straight. But lie angle and contact point also matter. There’s a lot going on here, that’s why it’s best to get your putter fitted for your stroke and setup.

Get closer from distance

When your putter’s lie angle matches your setup, you’ll be more confident on the greens and very likely card more pars and birdies. If that’s something you’d like to experience, let’s schedule a time to assess your putter’s lie angle. In the meantime, we can give you some drills to do at home.