Enjoy the experience

Many of our golfers have gone south to homes in places where the winter encourages golf. If that’s you, then enjoy yourself. Make the most of it. If you’ve now ‘retired’ for the winter, then we’d like you to think back to the golf season past.  What gave you the most enjoyment?

The social experience and friendships made and strengthened?

Competitions won.

The pleasure of the game and those exceptional moments where a shot comes off.

The challenge of the game. The fact that there’s always a skill to master?

Participating in an outdoor activity that helps with health and well-being.

Just being outdoors in beautiful nature.

The improvement journey. The personal challenge and the steps to being a better golfer.

A new record low-score.

Please feel free to give us your thoughts. We’d love to read stories that better inform us of what matters most to you.